• Attendance Management System is a software developed for daily employees’ attendance in offices.
    • It is a user-friendly, flexible and fully featured attendance management tool which allows controlling employees’ attendance by automating timekeeping and attendance tracking.
    • It captures data from Time and Attendance Terminals, and simultaneously allows optional PC entry.


      • It is a CLIENT/SERVER system
      • It can be accessed also via INTERNET through an android app too.
      • It has USER-FRIENDLY interface
      • It supports UNLIMITED number of users, policies, shifts, divisions, departments and other objects
      • Attendance Management is robust, portable and easy to use for everyone.
      • Employees or students can use there cards and fingerprints for the attendance.
      • Administrator can directly use our application to monitor attendance or leave details of each employee on click.
      • Employee or student can easily apply for Leaves using our application. No need to write down in paper


        • Automatically calculates employees’ worked hours for any custom time period.
        • Enables performing key HR functions such as tracking absences, vacations, business trips, etc.
        • Enables generating different types of information and analytical reports.
        • Makes analysis of punches to provide information about tardiness of employees.
        • Enables creating both fixed andflexible shifts, including lunch and break hours.
        • Provides possibility to see employees’ current IN/OUT status.
        • Enables execution of some important tasks, such as: Automatically generating, saving reports.